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Years of company operation 3 21 19 3
Number of business customers? 1,800 13,000+ 5,000+ 1000
Contract duration offering Rolling 12 / 14 months 12 / 24 months Rolling
100% renewable fuel mix?

At least one tariff that offers energy from a 100% renewable source (either one or a combination of solar, wind, water, anaerobic digestion or geothermal) rather than fossil fuels (coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas).

100% 100% 100% 100%
Do you offer other non green tariffs?

Tariffs that offer energy from, solely or partly fossil fuels. These can be cheaper than green tariffs, but fossily fuels are a limited resource that have a negative environmental impact.

No No No No
Green gas %?

The % of gas which is biogas producted from the fermentation of organic matter like manure.

10% 12% 6% On request
Frack free gas promise?

The Frack free gas promise means that the supplier will never buy fracked gas for supply to customers. Fracking is a controversial method of extracting gas by drilling deep under the earth. There has been little conclusive research into the method, but there are concerns about the contaminated drinking water around the drill site, methane gas leakage and the effect on local geology.

Personal account management?

A method of directly contacting your dedicated customer service agent, rather than a general phone number connecting to a call centre.

Does company build new sources of renewable energy?

Investment in building and sustaining new renewable energy generators, whether it’s solar farms, wind turbines or an alternative.

% of renewable energy from UK generators

The percentage of renewable energy that the company supplies from sources within the UK.

100% 100% 100% 100%
% of renewable energy from own generators

The percentage of renewable energy that the company supplies from its own energy generators.

0% 30% 20% 100%
Trust pilot score
(Score for domestic customers)
9.7 7.8 4.8 9.7
2017 Which? survey customer score
(Score for domestic customers)

A percentage score, based on a public survey run by independent consumer body Which?. They ask customers questions around a range of issues, including value for money, accuracy of bills, complaints procedure and online and offline customer service.

N/A 72% 62% 76%
Which's recommended supplier
Backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees Origin (REGO)

An scheme run by government regulator, OFGEM, which provides suppliers who apply with a certificate confirming the proportion of electricity that is from renewable sources.

Accredited by environmental management audit systems (EMAS?)

A scheme developed by the European Commission for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report, and improve their environmental performance, providing the public with transparency regarding the environmental performance of that company.

Electricity Lifecycle Carbon Content (gC02/kWh)?

A measure of the greenhouse gases emitted as a result of generating a kWh of electricity. This includes the emissions from the construction, operation and decommissioning of a power plant.

0 0 0 0
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